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RFID for Industrial



RFID Systems that Work

The RadioBro Team recognized the common barrier to companies using RFID is the total cost. By focusing on creating a cost-effective RFID solution, RadioBro is able to support companies that would like to enter the market with a refreshingly low cost of entry. We are now soliciting potential clients to introduce our RFID solution.

RadioBro provides RFID solutions a turn-key solution including readers, facility tags, asset tags, and installation/configuration services. We are transparent about pricing with our clients and work to optimize to bring the correct amount of value to a facility.

History in RFID

RFID is a well known technology. With a market of nearly $10B USD, there are many options for many situations. RadioBro was commissioned to explore RFID for use in space habitats. The advantages we can find easily here on Earth require a little tuning for consideration as an on-orbit system. RadioBro was proud to support NASA in this research effort.

Shortly after our first delivery to NASA, our team found an opportunity to support traditional logistics operations.The in-space applications research continues today.