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The MiniSatCom transcievers are designed to support the CubeSat market. Two modules can be integrated to provide redundant functionality of communications in a CubeSat. With the size of the radio being so small, a CubeSat developer can easily integrate two units in a single slab.

MiniSatCom UHF Product Family

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Product Description


Satellite communications is a critical subsystem of any satellite development. Our radio products will enable your project for orbit. MiniSatCom is designed to support commercial and academic research teams by having a simple to use interface, ultra-compact design, and the highest quality production.


The MiniSatCom series includes lightweight radios useful as a low data-rate transceivers for satellites. The design is compatible as the primary up-link and/or down-link radio of a satellite system or a convenient backup radio for systems +20kg.

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Academic Users

This product is ideal for academic CubeSat missions. We used to be a university CubeSat team, and we're here to help! Contact us for information and advice on your project. We're often happy to provide a discount to academic users.

Highlighted Features

  • Direct control of the RF amplifier power enable, a critical feature regarding radio licensing compliance.
  • Powered by most satellites without customization, accepting anywhere from 3-5.5V.
  • Data I/O interactions at a variety of voltages, accepting anywhere from 1.8-5.5V. (built-in voltage levelshifter)
  • Talk about easy to use! Satellite developers can use any of these communications protocols to interact with the radio:
    • SPI
    • TWI
    • USART
  • MMCX connector, a reliable miniature coax connector. A bypass load protects the radio if transmission are sent without an external antenna engaged.
  • Rugged Case, the outer shell of the radio is a hard metal, ensuring durability in your lab, through launch, and in orbit.

Provided as a Radio Kit

Many developers have a challenge to consider how many components to purchase for a development program. RadioBro wants to provide products that meet the customer need. The Developers Kit provides 4 radios, the Essentials Kit and Training Kit are 2 radios each. See options below for group discounts.

Developers Kit - An orbital development package for CubeSat or PocketQube

Each Developers Kit includes 4 transceivers: Two development transceivers and two spaceflight-certified transceivers. We pay special attention to the spaceflight radios, individually testing them to ensure they are space-ready. We program each unit and perform a transmission checkout. All this is performed in a class 10k clean-room to protect your transceiver. The units are then sealed and labeled.

When you receive a radio kit, use the development radios everyday. Learn and play with the units. Build a development or prototype spacecraft with these radios inside. When it gets to final flight unit assembly, open the spaceflight-certified units and plug them in. Of course perform your last checkout with these units, but treat them as flight units.

2 of Spaceflight-Certified MiniSatCom Transceiver
2 of Development MiniSatCom Transceiver
2 of MiniSatCom Development Board
1 Logic Analyzer

Essentials Kit - A minimal development package to get to space.

1 of Spaceflight-Certified MiniSatCom Transceiver
1 of Development MiniSatCom Transceiver
1 of MiniSatCom Development Board

Training Kit - A training package to get to your hardware ready.

2 of Development MiniSatCom Transceiver
1 of MiniSatCom Development Board

Spaceflight-Certified Testing Procedure:

  • Full Performance Check
  • Vibe-test each unit, as it will experience later in the spacecraft checkout process once it is integrated
  • XRay each radio board to ensure structural integrity and solder joint quality
  • Bake out each radio to clean off any remaining debris
  • Full Performance Check

Manufacturing Information

The MiniSatCom transceiver is built to J-STD-001 ES. This is the highest soldering standard recognized by industry, specifically oriented for long-duration spacecraft.

Manufacturing Highlights:

  • Circuit boards made in the USA
  • All parts assembled in the USA
  • The assemblies are cleaned and sealed to prevent water and contaminates from contaminating the parts and circuit board layers.
  • Accelerated life testing is performed on a sample of each production batch to ensure durability and longevity on Earth and in Orbit.

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