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Cyclone for Industrial


Cyclone for Industrial

RadioBro's Cyclone follows the first generation Cyclone Node. This new version is a powerhouse for data collection and storage.

4, 8, & 12 Channel Node

The variants in production now are the 4, 8, and 12 channel node. The node connects to an Ethernet backbone providing power, synchronization, configuration, and data transfer. With 12 channels users can easily outfit existing or new machinery with real-time data collection with a variety of digital and analog sensors.

Channel Specifications of Variation A

Each channel has an identical capability and configuration. Sensors of various types are pinned to a particular wire map, compatible with the Variation A circuit. Each channel can provide excitation to the sensor up to 6W and 24 volts.

For analog sensors, the circuit is operating with a 32bit 38kHz ADC or a 12bit 2MHz ADC. There is also a second ADC available to capture temperature compensation feedback, often used in thermocouple measuring. We can operate vibration sensors, microphones, strain gauges, voltage dividers, etc. We support that with a digital signal processor and excitation monitoring. 

For digital sensors, each channel also supports RS232, RS485, and RS422.

Plug and Play Sensors

Cyclone has a standard protocol that requires each sensor to be set up with a small memory module in the connector head. This memory allows for the sensor serial number, calibration, and position to be automatically adopted by whichever receptacle the operator installs the plug. The reduces the possibility of mis-wired sensors on-site.

Overall, this saves the operator significant time. You can move a node between test stations easy, disconnecting all sensors from one test stand in seconds and, within a few minutes, you could have a different test apparatus fully operational.

Sensor Preparation and Use

Trained technicians and operators are tasked with assembling sensors for clients. It takes our production team approximately 30 minutes to assemble, test, and program a sensor for use. We provide this, along with calibration services, as a turn-key kit. When the sensors and nodes arrive to a customer, it's as simple as plugging in connectors wherever they fit.

Other Components

The Cyclone System supports light bars, environmental network sensors, and dedicated servers. Some users decide to leverage an existing data backbone and server, which can improve overall cost of ownership. The RadioBro team can assist with all these options.

If you are interested in exploring Cyclone for Industrial, please contact us. Please also see Cyclone for Aerospace in our Aircraft category.

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