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About Us

The RadioBro Team is a group of engineers focused on the development and production of aerospace electronics to revolutionize how smart systems advance the aerospace market. The small team includes expertise in aerospace, mechanical, electrical, computer, and systems engineering, software development, and flight testing. RadioBro partners with world class experts to perform as subject matter experts, enabling our innovative team to provide real solutions to our clients.

The team founded in January of 2014 after completion of a small spacecraft project at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. The UAH campus is minutes away from RadioBro Headquarters.


The RadioBro Team


Mark Becnel - President

Leading the team, Mark manages the corporation and product logistics. He ensures your product is assembled, tested, and delivered on-time and to the highest quality.

Mark has a Bachelors of Science in Physics from the University of New Orleans. He has completed a Masters of Science in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Alabama in Huntsville focusing on Advanced Propulsion. At UAH, Mark was a leader of the Space Hardware Club and ChargerSat 1 program. Mark was involved in the machining, testing, and cleanroom operations of ChargerSat 1, a 1U CubeSat now in orbit.

His industry participation includes hand-in-hand with Pre-Phase A development of propellant-less propulsion satellite test-beds at Marshall Space Flight Center, as well as electrostatic thruster design work at MSFC. Mark actively participates in industry conferences.

Eric Becnel - Vice President/Chief Engineer

As Chief Product Engineer, Eric generates the product designs that our customers rely on. His deep understanding of the critical satellite systems promotes creation of the best products on the market. He involves industry experts to test and trial the products to the highest aerospace standards.

Eric has a Bachelors of Science in Aerospace Engineering and a Masters of Science in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Alabama in Huntsville focusing on thermal systems of satellites. He was team lead of the ChargerSat 1 program from it's founding through delivery and launch. Eric provided most mechanical design work of the satellite, as well as the ground station software and testing. As team lead, Eric also spearheaded all the legal and financial aspects of the program.

His experience extends well into the industry. Eric also has experience with liquid and solid thruster testing for both terrestrial and in-space thrusters.

Daniel Becnel - Vice President/Sales and Marketing

Daniel, as Sales and Marketing Lead, develops strategies to make our products available to the world. He works to involve RadioBro in the industry and provides a watchful eye over the corporate image.

Recently, Daniel has lead commercial aircraft support and sales operations for a major worldwide airline. Daniel has a strong background in corporate marketing, and a decade in the retail sales industry.

With a degree in History from the University of New Orleans and a commercial pilot's license, Daniel has travelled the world recovering and restoring WWII aircraft. His hands-on experience around the world and his diverse background make Daniel an effective team member of RadioBro.

Join RadioBro Corporation -

RadioBro has a fast paced engineering environment that is relaxing and exciting. We would love to hear from you if you are interested in joining our team, let us know! Sincerely, Mark

Supporting RadioBro Products

  • Soldering Technician Contractor
  • Software Developer for Microchip/Atmel products - Fulltime, Parttime, or Intern. Can be full time student.
  • Marketing for Website and Social Media