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In-Space Services

RadioBro serves as a turnkey provider of goods or services. We optimize to be both responsive and cost effective delivering space-grade solutions without compromise.

Space-Grade Production and Testing

The RadioBro Team is partnered with experienced space-grade assembly teams ready to produce and test your solution or product, no matter the need. RadioBro has an active supply chain ready to manufacture products from 1's to 100's of units per month meeting IPC J-STD-001 ES for electronics assembly. The supply chain used by RadioBro can flex to support low-volume development projects and ready to scale to meet demand.

Shock and vibration test, battery life-cycle test, solar flash test, hardware-in-the-loop test, day-in-the-life test, etc. The RadioBro team can deliver industrial through human-space qualified electronics along with testing, certification, documentation, and training as needed by our clients.

Small Spacecraft / CubeSat Systems and Subsystems

The team has experience with CubeSat development. The team can participate as a design team for electronics, software, structures, testing, or launch readiness. Contact RadioBro to learn more. And if you're not sure if we can help, reach out to us. We would like to know what you are up to.

MiniSatCom Overview

Satellite communications is a critical subsystem of any satellite development. Our radio products will enable your project for orbit. MiniSatCom is designed to support commercial and academic research teams by having a simple to use interface, ultra-compact design, and the highest quality production. The MiniSatCom series includes lightweight radios useful as a low data-rate transceivers for satellites. The design is compatible as the primary up-link and/or down-link radio of a satellite system or a convenient backup radio for systems +20kg.

Please review the offerings below for MiniSatCom.

PocketQube Shop also serves as a distributor of MiniSatCom.